Saturday, March 5, 2016


Started off with a hearty breakfast at Zov's with my hubby!

Then worked all day at cutting and pinning the four patches together!



Tomorrow after work starts the best part-chain piecing the four patches together!

Then....on the the half square blocks-navy and cream!

The best part-all fabric was from my stash....since I didn't have that many cream fabrics, I "COFFEE DYED" my whites. 25 minutes in coffee, rinsed dried and ironed!

Also took a few minutes to make a pillowcase for my darling daughter! Our saying to each other is, "I love you, deeply"-when she was in kindergarten she would get out of the car in the morning,run a ways, then turn around and give me the I love you sign and then put her hands up on her head to represent antlers! She still does this, and I LOVE IT! So every chance we get we send defers to each other!

This material screamed out to me to make Amanda a pillowcase:

I will send it tomorrow in her latest care package!

Dogs in to keep me company:




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  1. You never are a quilting/sewing machine!!!