Thursday, March 10, 2016

"And Aubrey Was Her Name...."

Yes an old song from the band, BREAD!

I could never think of a name for my oldest machine. So I took the advise of Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville and looked up all the favorites for the year my machine was made, 1953! The name that struck me was the Academy Award Winning actress for that year, Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday!

I didn't LOVE the name Audrey, but then remembered the song with Aubrey as the main character, and I love the name Aubrey!

So, I took her out, dusted her off, re-read the instruction book, and had a great day sewing with her!

My husband will probably have something to say about me spreading my sewing stuff up in yet another room (since I have a gigantic screwing studio of my own), but the setup was perfect for a marathon TV viewing while sewing and ironing and cutting!

I watched the movie, Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon-good movie!



Then I watched this weeks episode of Project Runway All Stars:


I love this setup for the next 2 days, then I will pack up and keep this room for rare sewing marathons!

Working on three projects at this time!

1. My Quilt of Valor (for a yet to be named vet-there are 4 vets/military family members-whom I plan on making quilt of valor for)


2. Tshirt quilt for someone special:

3. Anaheim Ducks Quilt for my nephew's birthday!




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  1. part of that movie was made right up above us in Chattanooga