Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Yes, it was my birthday, and I got some AMAZING gifts!

FACETIME in the morning with my eldest for an hour...so awesome, while opening the presents she sent!

One of THE BEST being my daughter, Amanda coming home for 14 days! YAH!

Did a little Christmas shopping...At JoAnns...need to make Amanda a new stocking!

Beautiful Flowers galore...

And dinner at TAPS:

My sister Jana and I Finished off the night by "trying" to put a dresser together for our guest room (without any help from hubster------he refused) and although a lot of laughing was done....the 72 parts did not come together as hoped! Will have to attempt again today! Wish me good luck!

That's right....72 pieces....I believe the words at the store when we realized we would be putting it together were (by Amanda)..."I really like puzzles, we can do this....girl Power!"



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