Friday, December 23, 2016

What was I thinking???

I was thinking that I work with an awesome group of nurses! Nurses that do not get the praise and respect that they so truly deserve! We do not get enough respect from a money driven, (instead of people driven) administration, not enough consideration, empathy or respect from the majority of physicians (esp. ones who can't relate to being with the patients/families that they see for a few minutes each day, yet expect us to deal with the issues for 12 hours a day) and that they often avoid! We do not get combat/hazardous pay for the confused and/or drunk patients hitting, spitting, kicking, screaming obscenities at the person who is trying to "help" them.

We don't get "counseling" for dealing with death and dying on a regular basis or acknowledgement for dealing/grieving with their familie's...or dealing with the frustration and helplessness that surrounds you when your absolute best wasn't good enough.....

And mostly, we do not take the time to compliment/praise each other as we should.

So this Christmas is the best time to show a bit of appreciation to our staff and praise the career that is an honor and privilege to have...

My fellow nurses, I applaud, respect and wish you the best Christmas and happiest 2017 ever...






55 nurses in my unit!


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  1. Extremely thoughtful of you!!!! I truly appreciate the time, love, and effort you put into making these SUPER cute gifts for each and every one of us.
    Thank you doesn't seem like enough, I love you my coworker, my friend, T