Saturday, March 25, 2017

2 Quilts and a Flimsy

I made a quilt for my sister, Jessica! I had made her one before, but she informed me that she didn't like it, or use it and it was "in the back of her closet" and it "wasn't purple" (it was)...and although my feelings were hurt (not that she realized this or cared), I made her another that was DEFINITELY PURPLE!!! Even the light color was a very light lavender!


On the other hand, I made a quilt for my sister, Jana for her birthday this month! The material was so "her" because she loves traveling in her motor home with her group of friends! She couldn't have been more grateful and surprised!






Also was commissioned to make a quilt for a friend at work to give to her sister-in-law who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I found the perfect fabric and it is now at the flimsy stage!



Hopefully will be quilted tomorrow!



  1. Lovely quilts.

    I'm bristling however at the thought of a quilt I gifted being put away and not used. I can only imagine how you feel. The biggest compliment we can get is that someone wore out a quilt they made because then we know it was used and loved.

  2. She is so into "herself" that I honestly do not believe she thinks she even hurt my feelings! Thank God I have 8 other siblings who are most appreciative of my gifts!
    She did like her new "purple" quilt, but gave it back because she wants me to sew photos of her family on it....I am not doing that and gave it back to her...finished...never getting another handmade gift from me!

  3. Beautiful quilts, both of them. I admire your patience with your quilt appreciation impaired sister.