Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quite the Day

Started out the day at Mimi's Restaurant to celebrate the 50th bday of my friend, Sherry! Finally gave her the quilt Theresa and I made last month:

Then over to Theresa's house to quilt Jeff's quilt. My machine still has a few bugs to work out, so I quilted this in 3 hours instead of 3 days!
Went home, sewed on binding dear hubby was in San Diego giving a trauma lecture at UCSD...on the way home he googled "quilt shops" (yes, he has an app for that!) and he stopped in and got me some lovely fat quarters:

He loves telling me about all the strange looks he gets when he goes to quilt shops, the ladies are curious to why he's there, and surprised when he asks "where are the batiks" and "do you have any more fat quarters?" When he tells them he's shopping for his wife, he gets the 'oohs and aahhs!"

Anyway, I love the fabric, and I think I'll keep the man!


  1. Wow! What a day! Happy Birthday to Sherry!! Love the quilt! Oh, and on behalf of the entire family, we are so glad you will keep the man. We don't want him back! HA! Okay, okay, love you BOTH! :-)

  2. ohhhh what a sweet hubby. where can we buy a hubby like that. It just shows that you trained him soooo well JoEllen my friend.

  3. Dad likes to pretend to be gay sometimes. He probably doesn't tell them he's buying gifts for his wife!
    -Melyssa :)