Monday, April 4, 2011

Sherwood's 50th Birthday

Let me first apologize for the gigantic picture of Sherwood and I that is on the header! I was trying to change my blog background and header from St. Patrick's Day to Spring. Obviously, I need to refer back to my book to correct this...I will soon!

So....Sherwood's birthday----THE BIG 50....

Melyssa flew in from Virginia and Brenda (Sher's sister) flew in from Florida! It was so nice to see both of them and to catch up!
We all have had a few BUSY days!
The first night Wednesday, we went to Tommy's Sushi:

Then Thursday, we had a bbq at our house (somehow no pics?)
Friday we went eating (I love Fred's) and shopping at Huntington Beach, it was an absolutely gorgeous day---the perfect California weather!

On Saturday, Sherwood's actual birthday, we met a few (can you say 30) people for drinks at Tustin Brewery and then we finished the night at "The Fling"....needless to say, a good time was had by all...

Sunday, after some recovering, we went to Debbie and Paul's house, where we met old friends for the Cox Family!
did his magic on the bbq (we ate, ribs, bratwurst, coleslaw, bbq beans) and Amanda made yet another cake--this time we sang Happy Bday to Sherwood, Amanda and Melyssa, as we will not all be together for a while!


  1. Thank you guys for all putting up with me!! Jo, I had a fabulous time as always and I love the makeup bag you made me. Love you and hope to see you soon.

    Brenda ;-)

  2. That was just the best week. I am so glad we got to be together. Brenda and Melyssa being home made it so special! Love you all. Thanks so much Jo for being so awesome and I love the makeup bag, too! I've been showing it off. I may actually have to start freshening my makeup during the day and being more girlie!