Monday, June 6, 2011

I know, I I needed something else to do!

Well, I had insomnia last week-up at 3am-nothing to do but surf the web. Made it to my favorite quilting forum and signed up for 3 different swaps.

A Red, White and Blue Swap. That means I make 12 of the same 12 inch blocks, mail them to the coordinator and she mails me back 12 different 12 inch blocks from 12 different people---then you make a quilt for yourself with all the blocks!

After on total disaster, I decided on this block:
My other 2 swaps are easier: the 5 inch red and white swap is just to cut out 125 5inch squares of red, white or red and white material and send them to the coordinator, then you get 125 red and white squares back. It will be so cool to see all the different fabrics you get!

The third is a secret quilt pal swap- you can only spend $10 dollars, so you get to see how creative you can be with all the scraps and stuff in the quilting room that won't cost anything to make---super fun!


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