Thursday, June 16, 2011

Volunteer and then Shop, Shop, Shop

Theresa and I had out first sewing day, volunteering to sew blankets for THE JOYFUL FOUNDATION!

Of course we had a blast laughing and sewing and learning a thing or two from other quilters we met:

Then "T" and I went to do some secret Father's Day shopping (spent money)!Shshshshsh!

Then went with hubby at SEARS to buy him a new table saw (someone recently robbed his from our open garage, thanks AMANDA).

On the way to Sears, I saw a sign that said $2 Fabric. Miraculously, my hubby's truck pulled in......what a shocker....well who am I to complain...more $$$$ spent:

AND the fabric was 54 inches wide instead of 40------my longarm will love me!

Then after purchases at Sears (to be discussed later), we went to a new Restaurant that was on the way home:

They give you a bib.... bring your order to a table covered with butcher paper, and you peel and eat the shrimp, clams, potatoes, sausage and corn. Yummy, but super messy! We loved it!

Well, better go to bed before I start surfing the web and spend MORE money!!!

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