Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun Day

Still working on my Red, White and Blue Blocks:

When I paper piece, I usually do only one block at a time, but this time I tried chain piecing all 48 blocks. You don't get as much satisfaction, and it seems you have to wait forever to see the results, but when I sew the last (#7) pieces on I will be done with all the blocks....waiting to see if this is better (I know it's faster)...

Theresa and I went to the JOY FOUNDATION to volunteer our services (sewing, cutting, etc) blankets for babies and kids in the hospital. We have our "orientation" on Thursday!

While we were in the shopping center that houses the JOY FOUNDATION, we were HYSTERICALLY laughing when we saw this kiosk... it was SO small, but selling material: we figured that this was the size quilting store we could afford:

Mailed my Secret Pal (from the quilting forum) her gifts today (they call them "squishies" on the board). Hope she likes them. This is the first time I've mailed to New York.

Also, finished cutting and mailed out my 125-5 inch squares---all the way to Rhode Island.

That completes 2 swaps---1 more to go! Don't think I will ever do that many at a time... it's alot of pressure, mostly with the mailing part.

I REALLY enjoyed the Secret Pal Swap and I will definitely do that again!
Haven't received my box yet, but I am looking forward to it!

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  1. Think of how much fun we would have if that was our quilt shop. We would definitely need a smart car or mini Cooper to arrive in. Hahaha