Friday, January 20, 2012


Excited to go to The Road To California Quilt Show!
Made myself a new purse just for the occasion:

Theresa picked me up at 0830 and we went non stop until 1730. I bought way too much! But I am so glad I did.
Bauble and doodads:
And the biggest purchase was the four die cuts we bought:
Plus Aunt Bunnie, Theresa and I split a 3 pack of leaders so that we each have one for our batting poles on our Gracie Frame.

I was itching to sew, so when I got home, I whipped out an case for my earphones.

Last, but not hubby took me to dinner at my favorite Italian Restaurant.

All in all, a great day!!!


  1. We had a blast! Sew much fun!!!!!

  2. And she didn't bring me any presents.......