Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Stuff

Who knew that these rice warmer bags would be so popular? I made close to 85 over the last couple of months. Everyone on dayshift got one for Christmas--it was the gift that was MOST appreciated out of all the gifts we've given if the "thank yous" were any indication.

I also have alot of USC fans as family/friends/peers so many of those were made and fought over--so I made more. And my friend Theresa's hubby and son are Superman fans, so they got one too!

My Darkel is leaving for a 6 month deployment on January 17th. I embroidered his towels for the ship:

Also finished the quilt top for my mom. It's just beautiful if I do say so myself--it's going on the frame tomorrow1 Pics will follow.

My grandmother is terminally ill (hospice-she is 97) and we gathered today at the house with my mom.
Did some grocery shopping for my mom and stopped by this quilt store by my mom's house in Murietta:

Juli and I saw this wonderful quilt:
We loved it so much we are thinking about taking the class together! know....'cuz i don't have enough projects to finish......too many little time!

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