Saturday, January 7, 2012

Super Saturday

I always feel like it's SUPER when I can have to house to myself and play my SIRIUS 70, 80 and 90's music and sing along while sewing and quilting to my hearts content. I made the following things today:

Embroidered a blanket and soft toy for one of Sherwood's friend's new baby boy:

Made a few more USC rice bag warmers (for boo-boos). The first one was for my relative who is battling cancer.He used to play football for USC. One is also for my sister (who is a CRAZY USC fan). She claims to have "lost" the first one I made for her. One is for my friend, Sandy who is a USC alumni. And the rest...who knows.....

And, for me, I made a trash can for my threads and such for my portable sewing table:

Now I am looking through my million patterns to start a project for someone specials bday this month--picture to follow!


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