Thursday, January 30, 2014

Overdose of PJs

I do not know why i have been in such a pj making mood----okay, maybe because JoAnns had flannel on sale, and I saw material that reminded me of certain loved ones:

For a young friend at work who LOVES elephants:



For my oldest daughter's BFF in Virginia: moustaches were cool for them WAY before they became so popular ( I think that they actually started the trend)


For my eldest-who just started CNA school and has a rotation at a convalescent home:


And for my baby (22yrs old)--her name is Amanda, but SO MANY people call her Panda:


That's all for the last weeks sewing!


Did i mention that I went to the "Road to California" quilt show? Theresa and. I were accompanied this year by Sandy and Cathy! We had a great time----spent so much $$$$$$ that i told my husband we would be eating beans for the next two weeks!!

This is part of my loot:


I have so many new projects to start, but i must finish Eric's quilt and Delilah's baby quilt.



  1. Those "Panda" ones are darling!! :)

  2. I LOVE flannel pj pants and JoAnns always has super fun prints. You've made such fun ones.

  3. I know someone you love that would be thrilled to have a pair to wear while she does her homework.........hint .....hint
    Luv T