Saturday, February 8, 2014


Our daughter, Melyssa is a very busy girl! She is currently taking a CNA class, and doing a convalescent home rotation. She is also working (still) at Stone Brewery as much as she can. In addition to FT school and PT work, she is training to compete in a Miss Fitness competition in March. This is not about muscle, it is about all around being fit and curvy(?). She is on a very strict eating and exercise plan. She has a coach, dietician, "posing coach" and just bought her competition bathing suit- she won't show the one she picked, but sent a phot of herself with one she did not pick:
Melyssa has fallen in love with a few patients at the convalescent home? They share stories and I think Melyssa has been surprised how time passing does make the life stories so different. She says that the patients like to tell her about their families and some are not SO different from her own.
Anyway, Melyssa has asked me to make a few tissue holders for her patients! I jumped at the chance to go to JoAnns and try to find the perfect material for each person. I was told that one lady loved cats, another old fashioned cars and the third horses. I found material to match each request and had a blast making them tonight! So super easy- just took a whileh to find my go-to tissue holder pattern:

Incidentally, the owl is for my other daughter's work friend who is crazy about owls!

I also cut out the squares for a signature quilt for Melyssa's instructor! Melyssa graduates in March! I am using the samey material as was in her pj pants: with alternating four patches for student signatures:

I am also working on a joint project with Theresa for a friend! Pictures to follow after gift given!



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