Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Really Fun Day (for me)

I convinced (harassed, strong-armed, persuaded, wore down) my bff and got her to come over to " make a quilt"! And although the sewing was mostly done by myself, it was so awesome to have a companion to shoot the breeze with! I enjoyed myself immensely and the quilt was made in one day due to her help with cutting, pinning, counting and making the "masterpiece" pattern!

It is totally up to her to do all the "ragging" of the edges! I dropped it off tonight!



Also, this week, I completed a Valentine's Day quilt for our home (made from fabric bought last year at "ROAD":

Made with "Enigma" pattern - one of my favorite "go to" patterns when I have a bunch fat quarters to use!

I am SO excited to go to "ROAD" tomorrow! It will be a little different for us! Usually Theresa and I go solo, but this year we have also included Sandy and Cathy! Should make for a very stuffed car on the way home!

Hope I can sleep---it's like the night before school starts!

Wink, wink!!



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  1. That is so incredible. Can't believe you did a quilt in a day. Looks amazing! Sounds like a lot of fun and work. Enjoy your ROAD.