Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Chicago...not my kind of town

We went to Great Lakes, Illinois to see our daughter's graduation from Bootcamp! I was SO excited to see her! She was involved in the procession by marching and carrying the South Dakota Flag!



The graduation was both very professional and moving and we are so proud of our "Seaman"!

Yes, she is the smiling one!


Our Marriot Hotel did an awesome service by honoring and acknowledging the Navy Graduates!
We got to celebrate her Late Christmas with her and she was happy to get her quilt that I made her years ago! It was one of the very few things she insisted we bring to her! WARMED MY HEART,

She got "LIBERTY" for the weekend as long as she was back to barracks for her 9pm curfew! So we were able to explore Great Lakes and take the train to Chicago!




Lots of shopping for Amanda-she hadn't done any shopping for 8 weeks, and knew what she needed-and had earned money to spend!
I got some quilt shopping done as well...
Went to "The Bean":
Amanda bought herself a new IPhone...nod to herself off mom and dad's plan took forever,while Melyssa and I waited patiently watching the Rose Bowl (yah! Stanford)

Dropping her off on the last night was hard-knowing we probably won't see her for 18-26 weeks!

She's ready for her first day at "A School"!!!





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  1. Love love love all these pictures! You really are a wonderful and beautiful family. Love you guys! Thanks for sharing these.