Sunday, January 31, 2016


My 2016 word of the year! Off to a good start! I finished my Christmas Scrap Quilt (delayed a little as I ran out of background fabric and had to search for it!)

It is quite large, so no borders needed!

Next up, I cut into my favorite fabric bundle! I have been SAVING it for no other reason except to look and touch it, but I finally put rotary cutter to fabric and....viola....







This will be an alternate quilt for our bed, but it doesn't have borders yet! I am thinking thin black border, and a wide peacock border!

Last, but not least, I was involved in a "Scrap Swap"! This is what I Received from my swap partner yesterday:

Yummy fabrics that I see using in a few quilts in progress: my "Anniversary Quilt" to add to my pineapple blocks: nearly half the blocks are finished, so I can add these scraps to the squares about to be made!




  1. Adore the Scrap Quilt. Where did you get the pattern,as I enjoy making scrap quilts & have plenty of scraps? Can not wait to see the one for your bed done. Beautiful fabric . Happy Quilting :)

    1. I saw a picture somewhere, then drew it out and used 3.5 inch squares!
      If you give me your address, I will gladly send you my graph paper pattern!

  2. Nine patches are one of my favorite things to make. Your scrap quilt is lovely. Looking at the close up photos of your favorite bundle of fabrics sure makes me see why they are some favorites! Those fabrics are gorgeous.

  3. The scrap quilt is a great take on a postage stamp quilt. The fabrics you cut up are quite stunning and I think a thin black border would really set them off well.