Friday, February 25, 2011


OOOOOOOOHHH....Jackie Sue.....

Sounds like a 70's song...huh? That's me--- as both my kids say, "Mom's SO stuck in the 70's".... music wise anyways...

So I spent the majority of Tuesday with my sister, Jackie. We had lunch and went to JOANNS and then back home to cut out material for her latest quilt project.

I think it's so awesome how God works and where he fits everyone into his plan and into our lives.

As I have said in my profile,I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers. You would think the personalities overlap, and we kinda all do. But, the gifts we were each individually given amaze me.

For instance, Jackie is AMAZING at color and creativity. I swear there is never a time that I don't go to her house (and I go pretty frequently) that some room is not completely changed and beautiful. If she could, I am sure that she would change a room and day (in fact she has done this at our houses for bday presents. We once secretly redesigned Jana's bathroom while she was gone during the day--painted and textured the walls, added pictures, accessories, rugs, towels the whole nine yards and it was a masterpiece.)
Jackie redecorated my front bathroom into a FORMAL style and I loved it. Of course this was before my children had an opinion and redecorated it into a more "cool" design.
It would take me months literally to try to get everything together to do a project like that---and I would second guess myself to death. And the end result...uninspiring and disappointing.

Jackie can do this by going to a couple of store (inexpensive or expensive) and THROWING together stuff---effortlessly---even stuff she puts in the basket that I am thinking, REALLY? And that is the piece that turns ordinary into extraordinary. She does all this and thinks height of pieces, in relation to where they will be, she picks out 5 hodge podge things and together they make incredible wall art......

Anyway, she is able to do this with fabric.....I swear, on Tuesday she had a quilt for her spare bedroom in mind, she vaguely had an idea for the pattern and we (and by this I mean SHE) spent 10 minutes throwing fabrics into the basket at JoAnns. This would have been a 2 day project for me, and I ALWAYS doubt her fabric choices because I am WAY more conservative with color than she is.
We came back to my house, she cut up her strips and sewed a few together, magic......her fabric choices came together and her quilt is so ALIVE!
Needless to say, I learn alot from her...she literally makes me throw more COLOR on my life's canvas!!!! That is her gift!
And we have a blast together!

This is my sister, Jackie (#4 of the kids, younger twin of Jennifer), wife, mother of 2, stepmother of 1, sister to 9, master of color and design!

And of course, after the quilting time, there's time for food and fun!

I will share more pictures of her ongoing quilt project next Tuesday, as we have another quilt and food fest!

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