Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was bitching and moaning to my husband ever since I started blogging. Our 20+ year computer was lagging, making me have to post and repost and repost my blog until the pictures would finally come up, or it timed out!

I was feeling under the weather today, had a headache you wouldn't believe (I swear I can predict the Santa Ana Winds). While I was napping my husband was stealthly buying a new computer. When I woke up....here she was.....
I guess he went into his "green room" and got out some of the money he's been hiding and hoarding.
This means I will definitely be keeping up my blog!
Thank you Sherwood!

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  1. Wowzer? When did you start saying wowzer? I hope the new computer helps keep you online and in stitches....