Friday, February 14, 2014

Simple Valentines

We decided to take it easy this Valentine's Day! We've both been putting alot of working hours in and felt like we needed some home alone time!

Sherwood cooked up a special Vday dinner!

Appetizers: mussels, clams, sourdough bread with Italian blood orange and pomegranate soda-yum!


Love my roses, too!

Chilean seabass and veggies for dinner:

Dessert: Chocolate covered strawberries:

Favorite line from a love song:

"I'm gonna find myself a girl

Who can show me laughter means.

And we'll fill in the missing colors,

In each other's paint-by-number dreams."

-Jackson Browne-


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  1. JoEllen, Happy belated Valentine's Day. It looks like you had quiet, cozy night at home. How nice of Sherwood to spoil you, you deserve it! I think you are talented beyond words. I love and admire you!