Sunday, February 9, 2014

So Much Fun......Painting?

OMG, Randi and Sandy wanted all their buds to go paint! Like on a canvas! What????Me?? I can barely draw stick people!! Well, I was excited to be with my friends so out I went......and had a BLAST!!!

First of all, it was 5 minutes from my house (I never knew it). You can bring your own snacks, booze and other drinks and you get a private room in back for the pre-painting party and then the action starts in the painting room.

The 2 instructors,husband and wife could not have been nicer. Claude painted in front of the class the exact same picture as we did, so we followed him (with the tunes of the 70-80's on the stereo) and brushstroke bt brushstroke, we made our "Masterpieces". Any complaining----we brought clown noses for punishment/fun!!

We laughed and danced and painted the afternoon away----can't wait to do this again!



Busted for complaining.....had to wear the nose!




BTW---the hostess gets to choose the painting (from plenty).
Look in the background-theres beaches, sunsets, Eifel tower, NY city skyline, bridges, forests, flowers.......
















  1. What a blast. We are now all artists thanks to Brushstrokes....thanks for documenting our to the pool for synchro then off to the luge....see you there. I'll wait for you.

  2. Awesome Jo! Saw some finished projects up close. Looked great. Also spoke to the owner afterwards. Very nice! You guys definitely found a great place!