Saturday, February 8, 2014

Special PJs

You can ask anyone who knows me, I was not a very pushoverish mom when my kids were young. When we ate i made "take it or leave it", you didn' t have to "want" to clean your room, you just had to do it, etc.....

So i think most would be pretty surprised at how often my husband and I would make the exception of returning places to retrieve my daughter's "blankie". We went back to family's houses, back to restaraunts, malls, etc, because the reaction from melyssa when we/she found out it was missing was actually kinda heartbreaking. We even tended to wash it after she fell asleep and we could sneak it away from her.

Melyssa was given this blanket by one of my very dear friends from work, Vicki Mariano. It was actually a baby shower gift!

Melyssa loved her thumb and her blankie, they were inseparable until kindergarten, then I cut the blankie into halves, then fourths......until it was so threadbare, tattered and the scrap that is left resides in the pillowcase of my daughter.....i think she still sleeps with it every night!

Well, when i saw the EXACT material, i got enough to make her jammie pants!

I think they fit her well!

And crazy as it sounds, her father forced me to make her a little blankie with the leftover material. I cannot imagine what she will do with a 18x18 inch square, but she has it none the less!



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