Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Day with Friends and Applique

At The Road To California Quilt Show this year, I saw Cathy Van Bruggen in her booth demonstrating her applique technique. I bought every product she sold plus her DVD. I was in love with her patterns especially the little bugs she puts in them. Imagine my surprise when. I learned that day that she teaches and lives only 20 minutes away from me!!! I signed mysel and three buddies up faster than they could think about it and WAITED for March 8th to come.

Cathy was such a wonderful hostess, we ate breakfast and lunch (included in the class cost). Her house is just beautiful, the grounds large and her sewing studio immense!

We had a morning of stems and leaves--relaxing and productive,


.a grand lunch, and the we learned a more challenging technique when we attempted to make a hummingbird(many parts----need much practice there!!).


This one is on Cathy's Van Bruggen's quilt!

This is the one I made:

Alot of practice needed!!! It would also help if I put the hummingbird's belly in the bottom instead of the top! Oh brother.......
I WILL eventually have a block that looks like this:
God willing!
Anyhow, we had a wonderful day, full of learning and laughter.....isn't that what it's all about?


Cathy, hands on showing us how to put her pattern to cloth.








  1. Lots of fun, many good hearty laughs. We came home with very little sewn, but lots of newly learned techniques. A great day!!!


  2. Jo that looks great! Love seeing all you do. I brag about you constantly. Love you! What a great day!