Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One on

My dear daughter is graduating from her CNA class on Friday! I asked her in January when I made these pj pants for her if she wanted me to make a simple quilt for the students to sign for the teacher-I had extra material and enough scraps to make a quilt.......unenthusiastic further mention of it....didn't want to push...she has her own imagine my surprise on last friday, she sends me a text about how escited everyone is to give the teacher the signed I,sew,sew....


Unfortunately, or fortunately, I cannot decide which, I already had a baby quilt loaded on my midarm....big question...hurry up and quilt it or take of off (alot of yucky work wasted loading it)...or bite the bullet and get it done:


Baby quilt done-it's a gift for my great niece, Delilah!

Teacher's quilt now loaded and ready for quilting and Friday morning!

This all wouldn't be so bad, but I am also teaching a big class on Monday, and need to make my poster boards, case study...etc.....YIKES.....this will be a busy weekend....may have to recruit.....




  1. I don't know how you get everything done. You really are amazing! I love the teacher's quilt that you're making. So cute. She'll love it! What a beautiful gift.

  2. You are amazing. Wish I could help. If Emily and/or I can help let me know.